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Operation & Business Headquarters

VRBA, s.r.o
Kráľovianky 28
931 01

IČO: 35861479
DIČ: 2020203053
IČ DPH: SK2020203053

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Garden realizations

The gardens represent the article which is influenced by fashion trends. Previously, when starting our business, conifer hedges dominated each garden, nowadays, we tend to come back to deciduous tree species, we involve the garden more into surrounding area, we plant according to feng suej principles, we create calm and relax providing gardens, however, with a tomato bed. Regardless the trends, the basic garden requirements remain still the same:

  • minimum of maintenance
  • variety of colors and the garden convertibility.

We solve these requirements and the tens of further ones when realizing the gardens too. If we summarize everything mentioned above, we can realize:

  • original scrub liquidation
  • ground adjustment, soil and substrate supplies
  • automatic irrigation system, a pump with plugging
  • garden lightening
  • tiny garden constructions
  • dry small walls, stones, terraces
  • cascades, streams, lakes, swimming lakes, drinking vessels
  • planting realizations
  • mulching
  • green – carpets, sowing

Sales conditions

  • an agreement shall be concluded between a customer and VRBA Ltd., liable for both the parties
  • on the first day of starting the work, the customer settles an advance payment 30% of total price for realization
  • VRBA Ltd. reserves the right to change deadline of the work completion in case of long-term bad weather conditions
  • we provide the customer with the guarantee of one vegetation period for the plant material and two years for technical parts.
  • provided calculations are liable for us, the final calculated price cannot exceed the proposed price, assuming that there are not raised any new requirements by the customer in the course of realization