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Operation & Business Headquarters

VRBA, s.r.o
Kráľovianky 28
931 01

IČO: 35861479
DIČ: 2020203053
IČ DPH: SK2020203053

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Company profile

The company was established in 2003 and has operated in the same form up to this day. Previously, its founders focused on garden realizations in other prestigious planting companies for many years. The company they have founded has focused on two aims:

  1. to grow decorative wood species
  2. to realize gardens on key without the need of sub-delivery

These areas orientation make the essential part of work nowadays too, along with this, we have increased the quality, as well as, quantity of produced material and services provided to our customers.

Nowadays, there are employed 10 permanent employees, we hire voluntary workers during main season. We grow the decorative plants on the area of 7.1 ha, part of which is created with   container stores and plastic greenhouses. We focus on production of a wide range of conifers, deciduous trees, perennials and grasses to meet the needs of realizations making firms and garden centers.
We realize the gardens really on key considering the garden owner`s requirements in a maximum possible measure, with respect to natural, architectonical and technical particularities of the garden. We can realize highly individual garden due to consultations, projects, automatic irrigation system, planting and green, with the use of water elements, dry river beds, stone plants, terraces, stones and decorations.
We do planting and reconstructions of public areas and the possibility of using our own plant material allows us to create very reasonable prices, and high flexibility of the employees leads to fast realized order and specialist knowledge of the chief staff provides high quality work and serious approach to negotiations.
The company has made a progress, we invest our profit money back into the company`s development, a list of satisfied customers is increasing and the latest years have brought further challenges in areas of plant production and realizations too. They are here to be accepted.