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Operation & Business Headquarters

VRBA, s.r.o
Kráľovianky 28
931 01

IČO: 35861479
DIČ: 2020203053
IČ DPH: SK2020203053

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The most of the garden realizations start with working out the planting project which is preceded by  consultation with the owner and the land area search. Then the planting project is being worked out upon the land area layout, the measurement of the house, fixed parts of the area and other possible fixed elements, and after negotiations with the owners who set their views of locating particular elements, plant species combinations, garden use and personal needs. When designing the project, even a dog in the garden, children and their hobbies, cardinal points, house architecture and many other factors are considered in order to make every project unique and original.
The project itself consists of:

  • the layout, mainly in a scale 1:100
  • 2 – 3 projection sights
  • a price list including particular items